Year 4 have got talent!

We have had a fabulous last day in Year 4! This morning we received our gem jar treat of a film and sweets, followed by the KS2 Talent show this afternoon. A massive well done to all of the acts. 😊

26B9D6CE-833E-4E43-ABEE-1903CDADB4B3C31DC0EB-F4AC-4B26-A717-F5DA2A0961917596E164-F820-4551-A275-4CC640A08B8B7163D6A8-7FFC-4F73-8DF2-C0BB6AAC6763Miss Twinning, Mrs Smith, Mrs Colloby, Miss Guest and Miss Briers would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for a great year. We hope you have a relaxing break and look forward to seeing you all raring to go in September!




Prince of Wales 2018 – Lakeside

A massive congratulations to all those who took part in the Prince of Wales event this evening! All the runners were fantastic and we even came away with a gold medal! Well done – Lucy Yr3 for winning gold! The children did Lakeside proud, not only in their events but their whole attitude and teamwork was outstanding!

Circus Skills- what a juggling act!

This afternoon, Year 4 were lucky enough to receive circus training as part of Healthy Living Week! We were taught how to juggle with not one, two, but three juggling bags! You may well hear: “Corner, corner, corner, catch, catch, catch!” at home! We were also taught how to plate spin.

I think you’ll see by the concentration on faces that the children thoroughly enjoyed it and were determined to succeed!

Bournside Fun

On Friday, the Year 4s and Year 5s went for a day of sporting activities at Bournside School. The Year 10 leaders took charge and led different activities. Some of the activities were long jump, ultimate frisbee, parachute games, giant netball and high jump! We all had a very enjoyable day in the sunshine, being active !D19F84A5-DD8F-4F51-A460-79DAF24D22BB3194BE16-B375-410E-9D21-7CD223F752A060BEC761-333B-499D-9003-C455D438187E🙂

A soup-er time in DT!

2800CCD0-0081-4D08-A1D2-9C80ACF13C69CC86FFC9-1124-43B4-9AE7-07C54E6112EBE8D0B498-FB52-4DFB-BDEA-C3900B7400C8EC991BC0-AB6A-459E-918A-605E8DE8D946Year 4 have been tasting a range of vegetable soups as part of their DT for this term. We analysed current brands of vegetable soup this week, focusing on the packaging, ingredients and most importantly, the taste! Some of us enjoyed the taste testing more than others…

We will be designing our own healthy country vegetable based soups next week, before making and evaluating them during healthy living week. Watch this space!


Terrific Three Counties Show

What an amazing day Year 4 have had at the Three Counties! Quoting Aimee and Lilly from Class 13,”That was the best school trip ever!”

The children got to celebrate country life from animals, farmers, tractors and the forces who protect us!

It was brilliant to also get to see the Year 2 Lakeside ukulele players, who performed professionally, beautifully and did Lakeside proud!