Year 4 Football Coaching

For the first half of summer term, Luke Norman, a F.A coach, will be running a specialist football coaching session every Thursday morning. This is a free opportunity sponsored by the F.A to increase participation in football. Each class will have a 45 minute sessions of skills and some game play. We hope the children enjoy this opportunity!



Escape to the Country!

Escape to the Country Theme Map
This term we will be exploring the theme of ‘Escape to the Countryside’. We will be looking at settlements, discovering why people may have settled in certain locations and patterns of movement over time. David Hockney will be our inspiration for creating our own country landscape paintings. 
We will be getting fully into the country life spirit, with a Morris and Maypole dance specialist visiting.  We have also been lucky enough to gain tickets to visit the Three Countries Show at Malvern on the 15th June. This will then lead our theme through to the end of term with a key focus of creating our own ‘Three counties at Lakeside’ country show to finish the year. 

David Hockney

Bishops Wood Centre

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to Bishops Wood Centre on Monday 19th March! We braved the cold weather as Anglo Saxon and Viking warriors, making shelters in the woods, rowing the long ship from Scandinavia to England, visiting an Anglo Saxon hall and making brooches, clay pots and spinning wool. Some of us dressed up in Viking clothing too! We were fully immersed in to the life of an Anglo Saxon and thoroughly enjoyed our day.

Always be prepared…

Wow, what an experience!

On Friday, Year 4 had the most amazing survival day; learning about morse code, smoke signals, filtering dirty water, they had to rank their survival items, and they even came across some edible crunchy critters (which Mrs Smith had the pleasure of sampling)!

They learnt about the importance of having a positive mental attitude (PMA) and even learnt a catchy song to support this!

It was a fun packed day and one we are sure the children aren’t going to forget in a hurry!

French Fun with Bournside!

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to have some Bournside student in to teach French. They worked with groups of children to play French vocabulary games, before playing whole class team games. We learned many animal names in French, such as ‘le chat’ ,meaning cat and ‘le cheval’ meaning horse.