A Walk in the Park…

This term we will be exploring Anthony Browne’s text ‘Voices in the Park’, inspiring us to become park designers by the end of the term! We will explore local parks and the regeneration that has taken place at one of Cheltenham’s largest parks, before designing our own!


Violin Concert

We were treated to a wonderful concert last week! Year 4 have been learning the violin since September and to finish the lessons off, they showcased their talent and progress. What a musical treat. With solos from Ali and Naomi too. The children really have made some excellent progress this year and I think all the parents and grandparents were pleasantly surprised too!


Trip to Bishops Wood

What a wonderful trip we had to Bishops Wood this week. We explored how the Anglo-Saxons arrived in Britain as we rowed across the North Sea. We experienced the lifestyle within an Anglo-Saxon village and also tried pottery, spinning wool and hammering copper. We worked together to build an Anglo-Saxon shelter in the woods.

Conor (class 12): When we were building the shelters, I felt like an Anglo-Saxon because we were out in the wilderness. I loved it!

Amelia (class 12): We had a fun experience. I really liked being a potter because it allowed me to be creative as well as making something useful.

Cody (class 13): My favourite part was when we made a broach because I’ve never made one and got to use a hammer to make it.

Anna (class 13): My favourite part was when we got to look into the replica of an Anglo-Saxon long house because it was set out exactly the way it would have been about 1000 years ago.


Terrific trip to Tesco!

Both Class 12 and Class 13 have had a great time at Tesco this week. We investigated where fruit and vegetables come from and the variety of colours. Furthermore, we looked at sugar, where it comes from, where it occurs naturally and how much we should eat each day. We became sugar detectives, finding out which breakfast cereal had the most and least sugar per 100g. Our findings were quite shocking!! We enjoyed making our own museli including banana chips, bran flakes, porridge oats, dried cranberries, sultanas and seeds. Finally, we tried different healthy snacks and dips…..with a variety of responses!

Friday’s Artwork

Following on from looking at different artists that have painted and represented food, we continued to look at close ups of red cabbage and pineapple. Below are some examples of the children working.

Conor (class 12): It took a long time to do but I was pleased with how my work turned out.

Isabel (class 12): I found it a bit tricky because of the shape of the cabbage. I found using the pastels tricky but I like how it looks now.


How food is digested.

This afternoon we looked at how food is digested. We used a variety of foods to simulate how food gets broken down and travels through the digestive system. We added orange juice to represent stomach acid and tights to represent the small intestine. Here are what some of the children thought:

Naomi (class 12): I found it very interesting and I think I learnt a lot. My favourite part was when I got to mush the food in the large intestine.

Oliver (class 12): It was really fun looking at how food travels through the body.

Anna and Lara (class 13): It was very interesting to see how food is digested and now I know that it isn’t a very nice job for those body parts.